Tuesday May 20, 2014

It’s honestly embarrassing how long it has been taking me to update my website with photo shoots. Back in October I did a shoot for the KILN Apartments on N. Williams here in Portland. If you have not yet heard about this space then definitely check it out. KILN is one of the nation’s first mixed-use passive house properties, and like all projects done by GBD Architects, it is stunning. This was a unique opportunity for me, as I was able to photograph building materials as well as items to represent the ideas behind KILN since the building was not complete in October. I wish you could reach out and feel some of the textures of the materials. The flooring is all hand-scraped—and when I say hand-scraped, I literally mean all the wood was scraped by hand. I was impressed with the idea of putting that kind of time and thought into building materials. The process along with the outcome takes you back to when people built living spaces with thought and attention to detail.

In order to tell the story of passive housing I was sent out to photograph local handmade items that represent warmth, insulation, triple-paned windows, solar energy, etc. I went to several businesses on N. Williams to photograph local handmade items. Each business was so welcoming and kind—not to mention incredibly talented. It was hard to walk in and focus on just photographing items. I wanted to browse and take home everything I found. If you are ever in the area be sure to check out these businesses and the hardworking people behind them:

Blankets, candles, Tillandsia’s: Ink & Peat

Hats: Queen Bee

Terrariums: Floare

Glasses: Myoptic 

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