Cassie + Adam = Breckin

Thursday January 9, 2014

After the chaos of the holidays, it was a breath of fresh air to photograph sweet Breckin. Breckin decided to make his debut into the world much earlier than planned, I believe about 4 weeks early. For me, becoming a parent for the first time and learning about your newborn is so incredibly stressful and emotional. Add onto that the stress and worry of an early arrival and I can’t even begin to image the level of anxiety. Cassie and Adam have handled it all with a grace that I truly admire. Hearing their story and watching them talk about it amazed me. They are such humble and kind people. The kind of people that deserve this amazing joy that has entered their lives. Breckin is a dream. He was wide awake almost the entire shoot and even though we were moving him all around trying to get him nice and sleepy he remained happy and content. At the end he let us know he had had enough, but some grub was all it took to make him happy again. Congratulations Cassie and Adam. You deserve every ounce of happiness that this sweet boy has brought for you.

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