Baby Easton

Thursday December 5, 2013

Welcome to world baby Easton! I was so excited to take photos of baby Easton since I had photographed his big brother Kellen and his parents Christine and Matt back in January. Most photo shoots energize me and wake me up. This shoot however, made me want to curl up and fall asleep. Easton was so calm and happy. He looked so cozy. I felt lucky to be able to photograph Easton at only one week old. To get those sweet, sleepy photos it is always best to do the photo shoot within the first 14 days or so, but I never expect exhausted parents to be up for a photo shoot so soon after childbirth. Christine and Matt were champs. Having a toddler and newborn under the same roof can be relentless. Maybe they were still in the daze of bringing a new little one into the world, but they seem to be handling everything with ease. Christine and I talked about how hard it can be adjusting to a newborn and  how confidence in being a mother does not suddenly appear once you see your new baby. How it can actually take time for some of us to really feel that ease and nurturing connection with our newborns. Well Christine, you may be overwhelmed, tired and sometimes lost, but several times while you were talking I saw the way you tended to baby Easton and how you instinctively rocked him or soothed him without even skipping a beat. You got this thing down. You are a great mother. Congratulations to you all on your new little man.

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