Preschool Portraits

Monday November 25, 2013

In October I was asked to take school pictures at my son’s preschool. It was a blast. The amount of adorableness is off the charts when I am dropping off or picking up my son from school. These sweet little ones in their boots and coats, carrying their backpacks and lunch boxes with them as they arrive for their day of adventures. I love how sweet they are. I never thought they could get any more adorable…until I took their pictures. As they each waited their turn some would peek around the corner with a shy face wondering what I was doing. Others would strike up a conversation and were eager to get started. I was surprised at how well they all did when it came time to take their picture. I was prepped and ready for a few meltdowns, but out of three different classes I had zero mishaps. I think my son was the only one who gave me grief. He thought he was too cool to ┬áhave mom take a picture so he slouched down and refused to smile. Goofball. Here are just a handful of pictures to share with you all. You can see for yourself how amazing these kids are.

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