Cronen Family Portraits

Saturday November 23, 2013

Oftentimes, I will be editing photos and feel an enormous sense of happiness.  Looking at these lovely families I am able to relive the photo shoot all over again and remember some of the sweet and funny moments from that day. I am reminded why I love this work. Working on the Cronen’s pictures had me constantly smiling. Keli is the heart and soul behind the preschool that my son attends. With her range of expertise and passion she has brought to life one of the greatest little schools I have ever seen. When my husband and I started the preschool conversation I was nervous. How was I going to send my little buddy who was with me all day, every day to a school with strangers. I’m sure as many of you parents know, the love for our children can make us feel so light and happy, but at the same time  incredibly heavy and terrified. Thankfully through some friends we were introduced to Keli’s school and I could not be more pleased. My fears were instantly put to rest on his very first day of school. As I walked out the door after dropping him off that first day I was trying so hard not to cry. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and told me everything was going to be ok. I love that not only is she a remarkably skilled teacher, but she is also extremely compassionate, especially when it comes to our little ones. While editing these photos I enjoyed seeing the way she looks at her son Sims and how big she smiles when she looks at her husband Kiley. They adore her right back. Sims is a sweet boy, it is obvious that he comes from love. Come March the Cronen family will be welcoming two more sweet boys into the world. They are extremely lucky to be joining this family. Congratulations Cronen family and thank you for all you do for our little ones.

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